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WTTC Williamson Technique
Teacher Training and Certification Institute

With Creator and Founder Loyd Williamson

Teacher Train with  Loyd Williamson at Tamarack Lodge

  • Tamarak Lodge Housing (Included)
  • Held At Actors Movement Studio Conservatory NYC and Tamarack Lodge Adirondacks

For Information email us at :

ams @actorsmovementstudio.com


Call 212 736-3309


The physical life of an actor begins with CONTACT
Through the body’s five senses, actors make contact with their surrounding world. Actors hear,touch,smell,taste or see another person, place or thing. Awareness comes from this contact.

Contact coming alive in the actors body is EXPERIENCE
The primary instrument for experience is the actor’s torso. It interacts with people, places and things through its spontaneous expansion and release. As the interaction occurs it extends to include the vital systems such as the respirator, circulatory, muscular, nervous and even the skeletal systems.

Experiential life flowing out of the body is BEHAVIOR
Behavior takes the form of motion, such as gestures or, more simply, the movement of the torso when breathing or the rush of blood to the face as in a blush. And it takes the form of sound such as speech laughter, screams, songs, or a simple sigh.

Loyd Williamson
Featured in “Movement Actors” and “Acting Teachers of America”

Loyd Williamson is the founder and Former Artistic Director of Actors Movement Studio. He is the creator and author of the Williamson Physical Technique, and of The Williamson Advanced Period Style Project, "The Salon"(TM ) 

Featured in “Movement Actors” and “Acting Teachers of America”

He was the principal Movement Professor at The School of the Arts, Rutgers University from 1979 to 2001;  served on the faculty of  HB Studio for eleven years; visiting professor at the Tish School of the Arts for three years;  for The Juilliard School; and the Princeton Shakespeare Festival. He has taught classes and coached actors on Broadway, and in Feature Film, Television, Regional theaters, and many conservatories.

He has served as coach for such actors as Elizabeth Ashley, James Gandolfini, Nastassja Kinsky,  Kevin Kilner, Jody Foster, and others. He has been artistic consultant for Broadway productions of Suddenly Last Summer, and Holliday; for feature films Maria's Lovers (assistant to the director) Andre Koncholovshy , director, with Robert Mitchem, Keith Carrodine, Natassja Kinsky; Alphabet City with Zora Lambert and Vincent Spano, Amos Poe director; for stage, Othello with Delroy Lindow , Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival; with Avery Brooks for the Folger Theater in Washington DC, Hal Scott, director; for The Beggars Opera at the Juillard School , Michael Langham, director;  for Hamlet, Merchant of Venice, Twelfth Night, Much Ado About Nothing, Measure for Measure, She Stoops to Conquer, The Piano Lesson, for the Rutgers School of the Arts; for the original productions of Extremities, and Woolgatherer , John Bettendender, director.

Partial list of acting roles include Brutus in Julius Caesar, H. Adrian Reiner, director; Troilus,Troilus and Cressida, Dennis Carey, director (first director Bristor Old Vic); Oberon, Midsummer Night's Dream, Gene Frankel Theatre; Charles Condomine, Blythe Spirit, Reiner, director;. Arch Bishop of Reims, Saint Joan, Hal Scott, director; Narrator in L' Histoir du Soldat (Broadway production) Anna Sokolow, director;,and Hamlet in Rosencrantz and Guilderstein are Dead, Angus Bowmer, director.  Melcoir, On the Razzle, Hal Scott Director.

His acting training was with Sandford Meisner in his two year professional classes, with Harold Clurman, and with Michael Howard. His mentor in actor's movement training was Anna Sokolow, with whom he trained for 12 Years, and he performed in her Players Project.  He received and MFA degree from the School of Theater, University of Georgia, specializing in scene and lighting design with a major in Directing. 

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